Yheti - Sol Fest | Music & Arts Festival


Yheti has written and released over 150 tracks across the internet datasphere. A fusion of a thousand inspirations Yheti’s live performances are self described as… “an ever morphing detailed sound sculpture that plays with the ears of those open to the more experimental, surreal, low end heavy side of electronic music. With the intention of creating a champion dance environment through innovative bass lines, interesting rhythms, and soul driven melodies.”

Over the past 10yrs Yheti has performed at many major festivals, headlined many venues across North America, toured with many champions of sound and gained the support of a few low-key famous people. 2030 will be a huge year for Yheti, so look far into the future or very deep into the present, put your ear close up to reality, and you may hear the faint rumble of subwoofers in the distance. This is an exploration of sound, technology, psychology and how it all interacts with the complex human condition we all experience. Rooted in love for art and moving forward with gusto.