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Emerging from Detroit’s vibrant musical tapestry, PEEKABOO, also known as Matthew Lucas, embodies a revolution in the world of experimental, left-field bass music. Armed with his iconic logo – hands covering the face – and distinguished by his signature 140 BPM bass drops and whimsical laughter sound effects, Lucas has turned his genuine high-energy vision into a seismic movement within the genre.

His father, a trumpeter for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and a teacher at the University of Michigan, laid the foundation for Lucas’s musical journey, setting the stage for what would become a groundbreaking career. From this rich musical lineage, PEEKABOO was destined to disrupt and transform the sonic landscape.

His initial journey in music, exploring rock and metal through the trumpet and guitar, took a distinct turn when Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody” became the backdrop to a Call of Duty session. This pivotal moment ignited his fascination with electronic music, propelling him into the realms of sound design and production.

By 14, Lucas was creating his own music using FL Studio and Abelton. His debut independent EP, “Revenge,” released in 2017 and inspired by DMVU’s “Bloccd,” was the genesis of the PEEKABOO project. The enthusiastic reception from fans and peers catalyzed his rise, further cemented by the subsequent release of the Imposters EP.

One such revolution in the bass scene was his 2018 collaboration with G-Rex, “Babatunde,” which quickly went viral and became a staple in DJ sets and playlists alike, generating buzz both online and within IRL festival communities.

Lucas’s trajectory has been one of rapid ascension, from small shows to headlining major festivals. Yet, his deep-seated desire for personal connection led to the conception of the Hide & Seek tour in 2022. This intimate focus was further expanded in his immersive 360° experience show, creating a distinctive concert environment for his audience.

His most recent EP, “Secrecy,” released in 2022 through Zeds Dead’s label, Deadbeats, is a testament to PEEKABOO’s ability to consistently produce high-energy, bass-driven music. Featuring collaborations with G-Rex and Sully, it underscores his synergy with fellow creatives.

As PEEKABOO moves into 2023, he’s set to grace the most substantial festival stages of his career, with performances at EDCLV, Bonnaroo, and Electric Forest. These gigs not only underscore his evolution as an artist, but also his capacity to enchant large-scale audiences.

In an exciting twist, PEEKABOO is poised to release his debut album in Fall 2023. This includes “Baddas ft. Flowdan and G-Rex,” a much-anticipated collaboration with Skrillex. From his initial introduction to electronic music through Skrillex to working with the icon himself, Lucas’s journey has come full circle, underlining PEEKABOO’s artistic growth and the pervasive impact of his music.

Lucas’s future vision remains grounded yet ambitious. He intends to continue exploring the intricate terrains of freeform, left-field bass music, all the while balancing large-scale gigs with intimate shows. His goals are less about commercial success and more about creating music he’s passionate about and nurturing a deep connection with his fans. To PEEKABOO, success is synonymous with authenticity, and with each new track, he solidifies his unique imprint in the electronic music scene.