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Emerging from a dimension where raw computer outputs harmonize with experimental techniques, where breakbeat manipulations tangle with distorted basslines, and abstract soundscapes oscillate between tension and release, we find innovative producer/designer, EPROM. A master manipulator of sonic form, EPROM defies the confines of genre, instead sculpting a unique soundscape that bends the archetypes of rave music into unrecognizable, thrilling new shapes.

Positioned at the forefront of the experimental electronic music scene, EPROM is the entity behind a distinctive sonic signature that’s both influential and technically virtuosic. Based in Portland, Oregon, EPROM’s mysterious persona emerged onto the electronic music scene in 2008, immediately attracting attention for his audacious fusion of complex rhythms and anti-genre maximalism.

Influenced by a panorama of sound that stretches from the adrenaline-soaked beats of rave icons like Dillinja and The Prodigy, to the intricate complexities of headphone maestros Autechre and Karlheinz Stockhausen, and the rich grooves of J Dilla and D’Angelo, EPROM’s sound embodies a daring reinterpretation of established styles. This refusal to be confined to expectation has forged an unparalleled audiovisual experience that weaves the familiar and foreign into an engaging tapestry of sound.

The world has heard the reverberations of EPROM’s style from the North Warehouse in his home city of Portland, Oregon, to Los Angeles’ renowned Low End Theory at The Airliner, and across the seas to Hamburg’s Golden Pudel. His electrifying performances have taken the heartbeat of his music to the pulsating crowds of global festivals, including EDC Korea, Roskilde in Denmark, and Electric Forest in the USA, to name a few.

This June, the man behind the alias, Alexander Dennis, presents us with Syntheism, his first album in a decade under the moniker of EPROM. Syntheism epitomizes the scope of EPROM’s vision, unfolding a techno-utopian society in a parallel reality. This alternate timeline, in which the Akkadian Empire never crumbled, is realized with the assistance of fictitious organizations and tracks that contribute to the advancement of this world. The album is a sonic journey that transcends traditional music boundaries, pushing the limits of imagination and immersing listeners in EPROM’s richly textured sonic universe.

Coinciding with the album release, EPROM’s Syntheism Robotics show in Denver is a one-night-only event that represents his audacious fusion of music and technology; and his biggest headline to date. This spectacle epitomizes his pioneering spirit, marrying music and proprietary animatronics in a larger-than-life display of utopian artistry.